Jennifer fields denver life coach

I'm a Life Transformation Coach, Intuitive Life Guide, and the Creator of Rise Life Strategies. 
I'm so glad you're here. Read below to learn a bit more about me. 

In a nutshell...

  • I believe so strongly that there’s always a next level that we can rise to, if we choose it.

  • I’ve always been the cheerleader-type. The one who says, “Yaaas!” when you’ve got great news to share, or realize a dream you’ve always had, or kick some long-time fear to the curb.

  • I’m an introvert to my core, and still struggle to flex my extrovert side more. But I do try, really.

i've always been the seeking kind...

I'm always seeking more, while appreciating what I have...


I’ve always known there was more to life. Like, on a deeper level. I remember getting on a
plane for a corporate business trip and carrying in my arms my flight reading material: Leadership and Spirit.
A colleague laughed at it.
I’ve always known there was something else inside of me, speaking to me, waiting for me to
tune in.

Tuning in meant leaving a 10-year relationship that was in the engagement phase.
Tuning in meant leaving a job, embarking on a new career direction, starting my own
business, taking another job, getting fired from that job, and finding myself back in my-own-business mode.  
Tuning in meant leaving everything I had, and relocating across the country. 
Tuning in meant allowing my true self to be realized.
Tuning in meant being brave, listening to myself first, and being numb to the fear of those around me.
Tuning in meant trusting and believing in myself and the collective power of the universe that has always had my back. 
Tuning in meant falling often, and always finding a way to rise back up. 


Things that rise me up...

  • Any kind of music that makes me wanna sing loudly and sway my chin side to side while jamming it out, in the car, on the highway.

  • The looks I get while jamming it out, in the car, on the highway.

  • Simplicity, with a side of interest.

  • Hiking boots, a backpack, and nature.

  • Pointy toe heels, lip gloss, and things that sparkle.

  • Drinks with bubbles.

  • Sunshine and a clear, blue sky.

  • Laughing. The kind that makes the tears flow. And gives you that slight panic of not being able to breathe.

  • Snow. And a bluebird day.

  • Peonies.

  • Deciding to have a house cleaner.

  • Knowing that I’m always in choice.

  • A slow Saturday morning.

  • Going home for the holidays.

  • Witnessing fear and waving at it as I move forward anyway.

  • Progress.

  • Animals. Animal people.

  • Quality time with quality people.

  • Witnessing people receive what they want.

  • Watching people evolve, reinvent, expand, and rise.

  • The thought of your life, rising...


lifelong student turned certified life riser...

About 95% of the books that surround me are in the genre of personal development, 
self-growth, and where the spirit fits in. Living from intention. Managing emotions. 
Aligning to feelings. Taking action that bubbles up from inspiration.

I’ve held a lifelong love for self-growth, self-realization, and creating a life that’s oh so
fulfilling. I’m elated that I can bring my experience, my love of this knowledge, and the tools I’ve
called upon to keep me in a state of wanting to rise, to you. 

My love of this knowledge has led me to be an official student of this work. 
I am a graduate of Coach U, an accredited coach training organization recognized
by the International Coach Federation (ICF)
I live to bring my increased, professional skills to my clients to help you on your Rise.


jennifer fields denver life coach

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