Align + Rise Package

Align with what you desire and rise up to your highest life. 


You want to rise up to meet the life that is waiting for you, but for some reason you haven’t taken your next steps. You keep seeing the same goals on your to-do lists year after year. You’re burnt out by hitting too many walls, and you just don’t know if going for it is really worth it anymore. But deep inside you still want to. You’re just not sure where to begin.


The Align + Rise Package is for you.


Let’s get you back into alignment with your vision, reignite your confidence in all that you can do, and put you on a solid path to rise up to your highest life with…

  • Two, 60-minute coaching sessions per month where we’ll work to get clarity on your goals, realign you with your why and build a strategy to move you forward.

  • Focused tools to complement your inspired action.

  • Guidance to help you uncover what’s blocking you from reaching your goals and reframe your mindset for sustainable success.

  • Email and text communication in between live phone sessions to keep your momentum flowing and provide support with accountability.

  • Intuitive guidance and direction from tuning into what’s happening between you, your goals and the energetic space around and inside of you.

  • Inspiration, new perspectives, and the opportunity to expand your awareness with a coach who has been where you are, sets the intention to hold a space for your highest growth, and wants only to see you rise up to your best life.



$780 for 3 months*
$1440 for 6 months*
*Pay-per-month option available.
These are introductory rates that are subject to change at any time.