5 Tips for What to Do When You Don’t Know What You Want to Do


Are you a creator, a dreamer, and someone who simply knows that they are destined to do something more? You might have created a business, or reached a major goal you had in the past and now you’re ready for something new. Maybe you embarked on a creative pursuit, such as calligraphy, painting or music, but for some reason you’re feeling like that outlet no longer fuels you.

You might be at a point where you want to stay in the flow of inspiration, the flow of life. You want that high of creating from passion, but you just don't know what it is that you want to do with your life.

Below are five tips for what to do during those times when you want to find that next thing, but simply don’t know what to do.

1. Get excited!
The fact that you have this desire is a key beginning. It means that something inside of you has lit up, that you feel a powerful connection inside of you and that you know that there is more for you to create. It also means that you’re willing to explore more of what can be. Though you might be feeling lost, try and focus your attention on the fact that you desire something more. It means that you’re alive and that you want to bring something important forth into this life experience.

2. Pay attention.
What are doing when you are in those moments that you don’t want to end? What are you doing when you lose track of time? When you have free time, what do you gravitate toward? What types of print and online articles, or social media posts, spark your attention and light you up, or ignite a feeling of inspired action in your heart? It’s those moments we get lost in, and those things that grab our attention, that often times hold the key to what it is that we desire.

3. Fantasize and activate your imagination.
What would you like your ideal lifestyle to look like? How do you feel on a typical dream-life day? When we allow ourselves to play with our imagination and visualize what we’d like, what we’re doing is putting images in our minds that are like a blueprint for our inner guidance, and the co-creative powers of the Universe to go forth and help us create. When we do this regularly, we are greeted in reality with cues and experiences that can lead us to what it is that we’re looking for.

4. Express your desire to the all mighty Universe, God, the Divine.
Whatever you call upon to give you strength and guidance, state to it this: “I appreciate all that is, and I am ready for my next step."

5. Don’t give up.
If something more is what you desire - even if you don’t know what it is yet - trust that it’s coming and simply pay attention to what’s appearing in your reality (new people, new experiences, new opportunities, free tickets to a special event). The things that come up can be leading you to a bigger calling, and what you want to create might very well be related to what’s right under your nose.

Try to release that feeling of frustration that you don’t know - in this moment - what your next steps are. They're coming to you, I promise you that.