6 Steps to Maintain Momentum

Photo credit: Adam Cao on Unsplash

Photo credit: Adam Cao on Unsplash


You have ambition. You want to create that thing you so desire and you want to reach those goals you’ve set for yourself. And when you start, it’s such smooth sailing. You’re in a high vibe, you’re inspired, and you’re ready to totally rock it.

And then some time passes, and you might not feel as energize or high vibe as your first did. Or maybe some other aspects of “life” have creeped in and have slowed you down.

Not to worry. It happens, and the only real way that this is detrimental to the process of creation is if you quit, throw in the towel and forget it altogether.

But let’s face it, that last part is just not you, so below are six steps you can use to either get back on track, or maintain that flow of momentum, no matter what you’re creating or looking to achieve.

1. Go beyond your why.

You’ve likely heard this before, but having as strong “Why” to connect to what you’re doing is a big key to your success. It serves as an anchor and something that you can return to for reconnection to your inspiration and the root of your intentions.

But something is missing with only remembering your why, and it is this: you must understand the feeling and emotion behind it, and connect with that daily. How will you feel when you have that thing you’re working toward?

  • When the weight comes off, maybe you’ll feel: free, light, confident, healthy, unstoppable, joyous.

  • When you land that promotion, maybe you’ll feel: validated, happy, enthusiastic, proud, relieved, in control of the direction of your life.

  • When you reach financial freedom, maybe you’ll feel: free, relieved, lighter, full of choice, abundant, powerful, in a state of ease.

Whatever those emotions are or that feeling is for you, the key is to connect with that daily.

Suggested ways to do this include:

  • Mediating. In your meditation, seek to find those emotions feelings in the eternal, infinite headspace that that you sit in.

  • Visualize. Close your eyes and see yourself living that outcome; what it is your building momentum for. Don’t forget to feel the emotions that your feel when you’re living it. If creating a tangible visualization is what you prefer, create a vision board that you can view daily. Just ensure that you’re spending time and sitting with that board for a bit each day to absorb the emotions and feeling of what it will be like to live those images you’ve collected vs. just passing by them each day.

  • Music. Maybe there’s a song or two that really gets you pumped and excited and reminds you of that feeling of your why. Maybe you can even make an entire playlist that gets you in the space of inspiration and enthusiasm for what you’re working toward.

2. Release yourself from analysis paralysis.

Often times, no matter what action steps you’re taking to achieve or create, you can be faced with a lot of options and might allow yourself to become overwhelmed by what to do next. Being discerning and smart about your next move is fine, but if you find yourself in a state of overthinking or overanalyzing your next steps, you can end up curled up in a ball in analysis paralysis; overanalyzing and not doing anything at all. Sometimes you just need to take a step, test it out and see what happens. Then, take another step. And another. And you’ll soon be on your way again in a momentous state.

3. Come up with a system to reflect on your progress.

Maybe you’re not exactly where you want to be right now, but you’re taking steps (as long as you’re not stuck in the downfall of number 2 above). Whether it’s daily, every few days, weekly, or monthly, make sure you’re reflecting and checking in on your progress. Maybe you didn’t lose a pound this week, but you did resist that extra piece of cake at the housewarming party. Give yourself a pat on the back, that’s called progress. Maybe you still have debt to pay off, but you also resisted putting an impulse purchase on your credit card. Good for you. That’s progress. Recognize your wins along your journey. It’s the culmination of those seemingly little wins that add up to the big result you’ll be living one day.

4. Create the time in your schedule to reach your goal.

Want to learn a new language? Have you made space in your week to sit down and listen to the language program and study? Want to write a book? Where have you carved out some space on your calendar that can give you the momentum you need to actually, you know, write it?

5. Find a source for accountability.

Maybe you’re the type who likes to check in and report on your progress externally to someone else. A mastermind group can be a great space for that. Or, maybe you have a great friend who can also kick your bum if you’re not doing what you said you would do.  Or, it might be the right time for you to hire a coach.

6. Realize that you are always evolving in some fashion.

Remember that this is a journey. Even if a setback happens, (you did eat that extra piece of cake, you did make another credit card purchase even though you’re intent on paying off your debt) you have the next moment to pick it up from where you left off. Witness the setback, sit with it and maybe try and see how it could be avoided next time if you choose, but most importantly, pick yourself up and move forward again. Hold back any judgement of yourself, try and be neutral about it; meaning don’t let the heavy, negative emotions of judgement, disappointment, feeling like a loser, etc. overcome you and cause you to want to quit. That’s exactly where dreams are killed; people believe they must be perfect on their way to creating what they want, and at the first sign of veering off a little, they shut down and give up. No matter what your progress is, you are always evolving in some fashion. Put your focus on picking yourself up and dancing forward (maybe even give it a cha cha, or a hip sway).

Maintaining momentum is such a large part of getting to where you want to be. However, it doesn’t need to come from a perfect picture or look a certain way. One of the most important parts of maintaining momentum is accepting that setbacks might happen, and that there’s still power in that possible setback. As long as you haven’t quit, you’re still in the game, honey. Jump back in and feel the momentum again.