5 Truths About Life Coaching


You might be hearing the terms life coach or life transformation coaching more frequently these days. Or maybe you’ve found yourself asking, “What is life coaching”? And it’s for good reason. As the life coaching profession is on the rise, many people are wondering what life coaching is, how life coaching works, and what life coaching can do for them.

Along with questions comes the possibility of myths about what a life coach does, or what you’ll get from hiring a life coach. Investing in a life coach can be pricey and requires major commitment, so it’s best to understand the details of what you’re signing yourself up for before taking the leap and deciding if life coaching is right for you.

To assist you in deciding whether life coaching is right for you, here are five truths about life coaching…

1. Life Coaching is a pathway to clarity.

You might be feeling stuck in life. You know there is something more for you, but you just don’t know what it is. When you partner with a life coach, you enlist an outside perspective of where you are in the here and now, and where you want to go.

The role of a life coach is to listen and ask questions that help lead you to self-discovery of where you’re at, and the reasons you might not be moving forward in life. Receiving this outside, unbiased, non-judgemental perspective is a major benefit of working with a life coach. The life coaching approach can help shed light on what you’re not seeing clearly regarding the challenges or benefits of your life’s path, and reveal more clarity for your best next steps. The partnership you create together with a professionally trained life coach can then guide you through those next steps and lead you to where you want to be.

2. Life Coaching remains focused on the person being coached.

One of the huge benefits of hiring a life coach is that you have professional life guidance that remains focused on you and your goals. In your regular daily life, you might reach out to friends, family members, or colleagues to discuss challenges you might be facing, or next steps you’re making decisions about. More often than not, those conversations can volley back and forth between you and the other person. This can happen for a number of reasons; maybe the other person wants to show that they relate to what you’re going through, or maybe your challenge and possible next steps triggers something personal in them that they want to share. This isn’t always effective in moving YOU forward, however, if the conversation continues to pull back to them.

While in sessions with a life coach, the focus remains on you, where you are, and where you want to go. By remaining consistent in focus, you and your life coach can build the momentum of moving you to the state you wish to be.

3. Life Coaching provides a launching pad for structure and accountability.

Whether you meet with your life coach weekly, bi-weekly, or even just once a month, your frequency of sessions creates structure that can lead to stronger accountability. Typically, at the end of each session, you (the coaching client) have developed action steps that you will take away and follow up on either before, or at the next session. This structure and accountability enables your progress, and your progress unveils your results. What’s most important is that a skilled coach will be preparing you with effective tools and strategies that will allow you to continue your accountability with yourself, even after the coaching relationship ends.

4. Life Coaching is not therapy.

Therapy is rooted in the diagnosis of emotional trauma and focuses more on providing healing tools and methods for moving clients beyond past, traumatic events which often involve one or more people. Life coaching is forward-moving, and remains focused on the here, now and where you want to go. Yes, there are times in life coaching where you might look at limiting beliefs that may have stemmed from past experiences and are keeping you stuck now. In those cases, the process of uncovering those beliefs and reengineering them into new patterns of thinking that can benefit your future growth happens at a faster pace, and without the need to hold you in the analysis of the past.  

5. Life Coaching is not someone ‘telling’ you what to do with your life.

Though a life coach provides guidance and tools to help you move forward into what you truly want, a life coach doesn’t simply tell you, step-by-step, what you need to do with your life.

Life coaching is rooted in the belief that people are whole and the answers to what they truly desire reside within themselves. Guidance from a trained life coach allows you to uncover your own answers, and moves you into a place of power and choice about the decisions you make and the inspired action you choose to take, not action you do because someone told you to do it. Sometimes people are a little hesitant to this concept, but honestly, lasting results for continued forward motion and happiness in life are truly more lasting when the action steps to obtain them are decided upon by you.

You’re not alone in your journey to become your best, highest self. Partner with a life coach today and experience the highest potential of where your life can take you.