Surveys Say…

I bring an abundance of passion and focus to the success and forward motion of others.
Of course I add in a good dose of fun too.
Read below to learn more about what others have said. 


Jennifer is a truly wonderful coach! She provided me the space for self-discovery and awareness during a very challenging time of my life. I always felt immensely supported and encouraged by Jennifer and her belief that I had the answers inside of me. She helped to boost my confidence throughout this period and I always felt that she was just a text or call away when I needed her.

I enjoyed and greatly benefited from her coaching style - she was certainly supportive but also helped to hold me accountable to my chosen action plan. I highly recommend Jennifer as a life coach. ~ Beth w.


Our coaching sessions were something I looked forward to on my calendar. The level of our conversations were deep and i appreciated your careful listening and insightful feedback.

I used to feel overwhelmed with all of the goals I wanted to accomplish, and I didn’t think certain things could happen. Now I see that what I want to create is all possible.  ~ Julia D. 

Jennifer has a calm, reassuring demeanor and is a wonderful listener. She encourage my personal growth by helping me expand my limited view of possibilities. She brings an honest and straight forward approach to each session, with a healthy dose of positivity! ~ Mary S. 

Jennifer has an amazing way of making you feel completely at ease in her presence, valued and heard. But her superpower is her intuition and ability to know exactly what those in her presence (or remote too) need to hear - whether they want to hear it or not! She is insightful and encouraging. I have gone to her many times when I’ve struggled personally and professionally to know my next steps. I would recommend her wholeheartedly. ~ Erica D. 

Jennifer knows how to pick up on a wobble in my vibe and call me out on it. She has a pure curiosity, an adventurous outlook, and a deeply human desire to benefit others.
Jennifer is a keen and focused listener, and an inspired creative. She has a great understanding of “how life works” and a burning desire to see others rise. ~ Theo P.